Terms and rules of participation

  • Accepting or rejecting nominations : Each nomination is carefully evaluated to ensure it adheres to the award criteria. Nominations that do not meet the requirements will be rejected but may be modified and resubmitted. This ensures equal opportunity for all participants to improve and present their best work.

  • Notification of Winners : After the evaluation process, the winners will be notified via email. To ensure receipt of the prize, winners must adhere to the specified procedures, including paying the fees involved, to move their nomination from provisional to permanent win.
  • Winners’ Fees : The fees charged to the winners cover the costs of administering the award and organizing the ceremony. Commitment to pay these fees is part of the process and must be made on time to ensure the win is recognised.
  • Benefits of Winning : Winners receive multiple benefits beyond the physical award, such as public recognition, the right to use the award’s official markings in promotional materials, and the right to attend the awards ceremony. These advantages contribute to enhancing the status of the winners and expanding the scope of their influence.
  • Identity Verification : It requires careful verification of the identity and professional affiliation of participants to ensure the integrity and transparency of the award. This procedure helps maintain the credibility of the award and ensures that the honor goes to truly deserving people.

Benefits for participating winners

  • التغطية الاعلامية
  • درع وشهادة التكريم
  • استخدام هوية الجائزة
  • الحق في شراء تذاكر الحفل