The first stage

Submit the initial application specifying all the categories you wish to participate in
الطلب المبدئي | Initial Application

The second stage

After submitting the basic application, you will receive an email asking you to provide answers and evidence about the categories in which you want to participate
الطلب النهائي | Final Application

The third stage

After submitting the final applications for all required categories.. There will be a period for evaluating all applications, and an email will be sent with the status of the entries (qualified and not qualified).
الاستعلام عن الطلب | Inquire About the Request

The fourth stage

To confirm the final win in the qualified applications – the fees must be paid for each qualified category
سداد الفئات المتأهلة | Payment of Eligible Categories

level five

After confirming the win in the categories – you can reserve your seat to attend the final ceremony and participate in the organized events
سداد المقاعد للحفل | Payment of Seats for the Concert

Sixth stage

This stage is the last stage, during which you will be contacted directly to coordinate attendance and reception
التواصل عبر البريد الإلكتروني | Contact via awards@aica.ae