General advice for applicants

Confirmation of writing articles before submitting them:
You should always write up your articles before submitting them to ensure there is a permanent copy. This will only take a few minutes to submit via the online application system. You should avoid writing articles directly online, You may lose all of your articles in the event of a computer error or temporary interruption in online service.

Consider attaching titles and supporting files:
It is allowed to attach files supporting your article or URLs as an option; It is something we highly recommend. If this is done, The jury may give you additional points. This will increase the attractiveness of your submission.

Focus on achievements during the eligibility period:
It is preferable for your essays to focus on the accomplishments achieved during the eligibility period. Which shall be within a maximum of three years from the date of submission. This part will be the most important in your presentation and will contribute to its success.

How to apply for multiple clients:
If you work in public relations or marketing and represent multiple clients, You can create a separate filter for each client and provide different inputs for each of them under their own name.

Check addresses and links:
If your articles include links to videos, images, or other files, It is best to check their authenticity before submitting them to ensure they contribute effectively to the judging panel’s evaluation.

Upload video and other media materials:
When attaching multiple materials, Your files should be easy to upload directly, The jury does not have time to wait for files to be downloaded from other services. If you want to share a video, It’s best to use services like YouTube or Vimeo and share links automatically.

Ten reasons to participate in the Arab Intelligence and Creativity Award:

  • Recognition and Recognition Opportunity: Your participation in the Arab Intelligence and Creativity Award is an excellent and cost-effective way to recognize and reward employees and build and develop your brand reputation.
  • Nominal fee: If you win a prize, The fees you incur are often nominal compared to the media and promotional value you will receive.
  • Equal Opportunity: No matter the size of your company, Small and medium-sized companies have an equal opportunity to win Arab Intelligence and Creativity Awards. There are many examples of small companies that have become known internationally.
  • Diversity of categories: There are several categories that can be nominated for, Covering various aspects of creativity and professional achievements, This gives you the opportunity to be nominated in your field of specialization.
  • Client Appreciation: If you work in the advertising agency field, Marketing consulting, or media production, Your business will be appreciated and honored by your potential customers, Which contributes to attracting more customers.
  • Review of senior executives: During the arbitration process, Your nominations will be reviewed by senior executives whose comments and suggestions you can access to develop your business.
  • Promotion and fame: Your win will be promoted via social media and the media. This gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience and increase awareness of your brand.
  • Acceptance Speech: You will get the opportunity to deliver a 30-second acceptance speech in front of an audience of senior executives from different regions of the world during the Arab Intelligence and Creativity Awards ceremony.
  • A prestigious award: The Arab Intelligence and Creativity Awards are considered one of the most prestigious international awards. It was designed by the company that produces major awards such as the Oscars and Emmys.
  • Promotion Tools: As a winner, You’ll get a set of free tools you can use to promote your award and increase your brand’s exposure.