Arbitration criteria

  1. Evaluation of entry quality : Focus on innovation and originality in entries. Entries must reflect an innovative approach and present creative solutions.
  2. Analyze clarity and brevity of presentation : Evaluate how ideas and information are presented concisely and clearly, with an emphasis on importance and impact.
  3. Adherence to word limits : Verify adherence to the word limit specified in each category, and estimate the effort spent in providing condensed and expressive content.
  4. Analyze supporting materials : Review additional materials such as website links, newspaper articles, or work samples to evaluate the extent to which they enhance participation.
  5. Initial Evaluation Review : Ensure that all entries meet eligibility requirements and are appropriate for their category.
  6. Guidance for judges : Provide judges with clear guidance on how to evaluate the achievements presented in each entry.
  7. Evaluation of creative categories : In creative categories, works should be evaluated based on their communication objectives, creative values ​​and production.