Participation fees in the Arab Intelligence and Creativity Award

In the Arab Intelligence and Creativity Award, We appreciate the importance of innovation and creativity as fundamental drivers of development and progress in our societies. So, We provide a unique platform for individuals and organizations to showcase and celebrate their achievements.

Categories and participation fees:

Price for one participation: 900 USD – for individuals and institutions wishing to submit one project.
Price for two entries: 700 USD per entry – an ideal option for those wishing to submit two distinct projects.
Price for 3 or more entries: 500 USD per entry – an opportunity for organizations and individuals with a range of innovative projects.

Advantages of participating in the award:

Recognition and appreciation: Every participation is an opportunity to receive high recognition and celebrate your efforts and creativity.
Brand promotion: For institutions, Participation enhances your image and highlights your role as supporters of creativity.
Networking opportunities: Participation opens the doors of communication with thought leaders and innovators in the region.

Winning categories:
We offer multiple levels of rewards:

Gold level: for projects that demonstrate exceptional excellence and innovation.
Silver level: for innovative projects that achieve significant impact.
Bronze level: for projects that stand out in specific areas and show great potential.

We invite you to be part of this inspiring event, To participate in shaping the future of creativity and innovation in the Arab world.

To register and more information, Please visit the registration link or contact us via 00971561600389 .

Ticket fees to attend the concert

  • There is a fee for attendance, and the calculation is based on the individual, so that the cost per person is $400
  • A private table can be reserved at the front of the hall for 9 people for $3,500

To register and more information, Please visit the registration link or contact us via 00971561600389 .